PF310 Series Sputtered Thin Film Pressure Transmitters for Construction Machinery
PF310 series is a sputtering thin film pressure sensor that is dedicated for construction machinery, typically cranes, excavators, road headers, trailer pumps, vehicle pumps and other heavy equipment and hydraulic systems. It adopts metal-base pressure- sensitive chip and offers unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and durability. It solves the problems, such as serious cavitation, liquid hammer phenomenon, high peak pressure, large power fluctuation, large vibration interference and harsh environment, that are common in hydraulic system of construction machinery.
PF310 Series Sputtered Thin Film Pressure Transmitters for Construction Machinery


● High insulation & pressure-resistant thin film technology, and oil-free fully welded stainless steel construction provides long-term reliability and safety without leak risk

● High Accuracy up to 0.25%F.S, suitable for various operating conditions

● 1MPa to 100MPa measuring range, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications

● Integrated pulse buffer provides exceptional resistance to cavitation and liquid hammer, enhancing durability and performance even in demanding applications

● Advanced anti-interference, anti-surge circuit protection ensures reliable performance in environments with high levels of electrical noise

● Double gold wire lead technology ensures stable and consistent performance, even in harsh operating conditions

● Fast Response less than 1ms,small hysteresis & good repeatability, long-term stability, offering accurate and consistent real-time monitoring


Measuring range(MPa)1-1016-406070-100
Accuracy±0.25%F.S,±0.5%F.S ,±1%F.S
Long-term stability±0.2%F.S/year
Power Supply8-32VDC
Response time≤1ms
Durability108 pressure circles
Sensitive component material17-4PH
IP ratingIP67
Medium temperature range-40~+80℃(0.25%F.S),-40~+105℃(0.5%F.S,1%F.S)

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