80Ghz Radar Level Measurement for Corrosive and Volatile Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, various containers and tanks contain liquids that are often corrosive, toxic, and volatile.

A manager of a pharmaceutical plant came to us seeking a level monitoring device to measure diisopropylamine tanks. This is a common secondary amine in pharmaceuticals, known for being corrosive and volatile.

To select the right level sensor for this application, there are two major things to consider: For corrosive liquids, non-contact measurement should be preferably considered. Additionally, the material of the level probe should be corrosion-resistant. Besides, simple on-site installation and opening of the tank are required. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of reliable operation, easy installation, long service life, and maintenance-free performance when choosing the level sensor type.

For volatile liquids, water vapor is easy to condense and will gradually accumulate near the tank top and wall, forming larger water droplets. These droplets have a strong energy-absorbing effect on electromagnetic waves, causing their energy to attenuate. Thus, ordinary level sensors face challenges.

After negotiation, we recommended the manager use our 80GHz radar.

radar level measurement

Recommending 80Ghz Radar Level Gauge-MQ8 

MQ8 is a 80Ghz FMCW radar level sensor and features small beam angle and a PTFE antenna. PTFE is highly resistant to chemical attack by acids, bases, and organic solvents.. With the advantages of high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability, it effectively solves the above harsh working conditions and achieves reliable measurement.

radar level measurement

Measurement Effect After testing, the 80GHz FMCW radar level gauges work great in the complex working conditions and perform reliable measurements on the storage tanks, contributing to the automation of production in the pharmaceutical industry.

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