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IoT Measurement: The importance of IoT sensors


The Internet of Things is one of the most important and promising technological topics today. Some market researchers estimate that there are more than 20 billion connected devices and counting. Around us, there are smartphones, wearables, and other devices, all of which use sensors. Nowadays, sensors play an important role in our everyday life and in IoT.

How to Use Sensors in IoT?

The development of prototyping boards and the low price of sensors allow us easily use them in IoT projects. There are several prototyping boards on the market, suited for different projects depending on features and specifications. In this context, we will consider the two most popular boards: the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 2. This article will explore how to connect different sensors to these boards and how to interact with them. Before diving into the details on how to use sensors with these boards, it is important to note that every sensor has its own operating voltage range. This parameter is very important because the voltage supplied by the board must not be higher than the maximum voltage allowed by the sensor. Therefore, it is important to read the sensor data sheet carefully before connecting it to the board to avoid damage. The same principle is valid for the output signal, which must be lower than the maximum voltage that the board can tolerate.

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