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Why it is important to choose explosion-proof pressure transmitters


The most important point of selecting explosion-proof pressure sensor is to design for safety. Because in the industrial field, whether it is used in the dangerous environment, or to measure the high-risk medium, not only to ensure the safety of users, but also to ensure the high precision of explosion-proof pressure sensor. So, it is very important to choose a high quality explosion-proof pressure sensor.

Obviously, the explosion-proof pressure sensor must be made of fireproof and anti-explosion materials. In other words, the electronic components of such pressure sensors should be carefully designed and the sensor housing must be highly flame retardant. Even if an explosion occurs while measuring in a high-risk environment, the resulting flame will not burn the sensor. Another important factor is the thickness of the pressure sensor housing, which is designed to ensure that heat from the housing does not transfer to the inside of the sensor, and that the surface temperature of the sensor housing does not change too much with the electronic components or affect their stability.

The above facts show that the choice of a high quality explosion-proof pressure sensor is very important. P20T Series High Temperature Pressure Transducer & Transmitter is the most popular safety pressure sensor at present, this pressure sensor has a good reputation in the industry, when you need, you can check the detailed use of the method and price.

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