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Measuring Drilling Fluid Level in Mud Tanks


Drilling fluid level measurement is the most important part of industrial measurement. According to incomplete statistics, the global annual demand for drilling fluid level accounts for 70% of the industrial measurement. The drilling fluid in these mud tanks is generally located in the land or offshore drilling.

Currently, drilling fluid level measurements in these slurry tanks are usually measured by a level sensor that not only provides extremely important data for rig operation, but also continuously monitors the total level of drilling fluid in the slurry tanks and the real-time changes in drilling fluid. For example, an increase in the level of drilling fluid indicates that there are other impurities, oil or other gases in the mud tank. A lower level of drilling fluid means that drilling fluid is constantly being lost at the surface. Both of these conditions can result in a mud tank or well injection. In fact, the slurry in these slurry tanks, when highly stirred, creates other solids that float in the drilling fluid. These impurities can clog the sensor, resulting in very low measurement accuracy.The maintenance cost and expense of the sensor will be higher and higher.

It has been proved that the response time of the sensor is very important when measuring the drilling fluid level. Therefore, more and more users are using ultrasonic liquid level sensors to measure drilling fluid level, it has obvious advantages, ultrasonic liquid level sensor with high sensitivity, non-contact characteristics, and the use of 316 stainless steel and corrosion resistance process, not only to ensure the high efficiency and accuracy of measurement, but also to improve the work efficiency.

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